Charge360 EV operates within the rapidly growing Electric Vehicle (EV) industry. This sector is driven by the global shift towards sustainable transportation, increasing the need for accessible and efficient charging infrastructure.


Electric Vehicle


Charge360 EV encountered several challenges in developing its platform. Firstly, addressing complex user requirements by seamlessly catering to EV owners and charging station operators while ensuring real-time updates on station availability. Secondly, ensuring scalability and performance to handle large volumes of users and transactions efficiently as the user base expanded. Thirdly, implementing secure payment integration compliant with relevant security standards and regulations. Lastly, providing efficient management through a centralized admin portal for overseeing users, charging stations, transactions, and analytics for informed decision-making.


Great Expert Labs (GEL) provided a holistic solution for Charge360 EV’s challenges. Beginning with user-centric design, GEL crafted intuitive mobile apps for both EV owners and charging station operators, featuring real-time map interfaces for station booking. They then implemented a scalable architecture using React Native, Node.js, AWS, and MongoDB, ensuring the platform could handle growing user traffic efficiently. GEL also integrated secure payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal, adhering to security standards and regulations. Moreover, they developed a comprehensive web-based admin portal for centralized management, equipped with monitoring, analytics, and reporting tools.


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Excellent team with outstanding end result, alert, easy to work and supportive that’s what sums GEL team and management.

muhammad Co-founder,Charge360ev

The development phase saw the realization of our vision, with a focus on scalability and performance. We architected a robust system capable of handling real-time functionalities crucial for booking and availability updates. Security remained at the forefront, as we integrated top-tier payment gateways to facilitate smooth transactions while adhering to industry standards. Additionally, comprehensive management tools, including an admin portal equipped with advanced analytics, were developed to empower effective monitoring and decision-making. Our commitment extended beyond deployment, offering continuous support to guarantee operational excellence and maintenance post-launch .

Detailed Case Study

In collaboration with Charge360 EV, our team embarked on a journey to conceptualize and design a cutting-edge electric vehicle (EV) charging solution. Understanding the diverse needs of users was paramount, leading us to craft intuitive interfaces that prioritize user experience. Through meticulous ideation and product design, we ensured that every aspect of our solution resonated with the end-users, resulting in a seamless and gratifying experience.

Specifically, here are some of the benefits that Charge360ev has achieved as a result of GEL's DevOps automation assistance:

  • Reduced time and costs: DevOps automation has helped Marvin XR to reduce the time and costs associated with their DevOps processes. This has freed up their team to focus on other important tasks, such as developing new features and functionality for their 3D hosting platform.
  • Increased scalability: DevOps automation has also helped Marvin XR to increase the scalability of their business. They can now easily add new capacity and features to their 3D hosting platform without having to worry about manually provisioning and configuring infrastructure.
  • Improved quality and reliability: DevOps automation has also helped Marvin XR to improve the quality and reliability of their 3D hosting platform. By automating their DevOps processes, they have been able to reduce the risk of human error and to ensure that their platform is always available and performing at its best.


Through a collaborative and user-focused approach, Great Expert Labs successfully delivered a comprehensive solution for Charge360 EV. By addressing key challenges and implementing robust technologies, GEL enabled Charge360 EV to launch a scalable, efficient, and user-friendly platform. The successful partnership between GEL and Charge360 EV demonstrates the effectiveness of combining innovative technology with strategic development practices to create impactful solutions in the EV industry.