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Unleashing Innovation with a Dash of Tech Wizardry

Welcome to Great Expert Labs!

Turning Bits and Bytes into Magic Since 2020

Know Who We Are

How It All Started

At Great Expert Labs, we’re not just another tech company. We’re a band of code-wielding mavericks, design daredevils, and startup sorcerers. With a combined experience that spans eons in tech years (read: three years), we’ve been conjuring success stories with a sprinkle of innovation and a whole lot of laughter.

Igniting the Techverse

Our journey began as a tiny spark, but today we’re a blazing comet in the tech universe. Founded just three revolutions around the sun ago, we’ve already left a trail of over 300 mesmerized clients in our wake. From startups daring to dream big to established enterprises seeking a tech facelift, we’ve been there, done that, and have the pixel-perfect T-shirt.

25+ Satisfied Customers

We align our services with unique needs of our clients to deliver the best results in our space. We employ driven professionals united by our joint vision and mission.

Meet Great Expert's Team

Our team is customer-obsessed, mission-oriented, and believes that anything is possible.

Sridhar Nayek

MD & Founder

Prashant Panda


Abhishek Rath


Satya Nayak

Mentor & Funding Advisor

Why Choose Us

Wizardry in Diversity

We're the United Nations of Tech, fluent in more languages than Google Translate. MERN Stack, IOS sorcery, Android enchantments, React Native incantations, Golang voodoo, and even a sprinkle of AR VR spells - we've got them all in our cauldron.

SAAS Symphony

Ever watched an orchestra of pixels? We design, build, and market SAAS products like maestros. The result? A harmonious symphony of code that resonates with your users.

Geek-Chic Culture

We don't wear capes (well, most of the time), but we do wear our quirks proudly. Our coding battles are as legendary as our laughter-filled brainstorming sessions.

MVP Masters

We've turned "Minimum" into "Magical" countless times. If your idea is a sapling, we'll nurture it into a mighty oak that stands out in the crowded forest of apps.

We OLaunchpad for Dreamswn Our Mistakes

Remember the childhood dream of conquering galaxies? We're here to turn those dreams into software constellations, lighting up the digital skies.

The Future Beckons

The world of tech is our playground, and the future is our canvas. We’re not just crafting software; we’re painting dreams. So whether you’re a budding startup, an ambitious entrepreneur, or a business looking to techify, come join us on this magical ride!