RealitiQ XR

RealitiQ XR is a cutting-edge SAAS platform that specialises in leveraging the power of Augmented Reality (AR) to transform businesses 


Augmented Reality


RealitiQ XR was our own product venture where we want to scale this new technical solution as SAAS model. With new scope of technology and no background on AI and AR it was a great amount of challenge and Complexity for our core development team.


Our GEL’S expertise team took some initial months to learn and brush up skills on Augmented Reality and CORE webar segment. We then slowly grabbed 3D model development skills with blender and unity experts , now finally we merged our core strength to Augmented Realty and developed products which simultaneously helping us and our business partners.


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Our Vision to jump this Augmented Reality product developments was undoubtedly a risky step , How ever we have our excellent team backing up this from GEL , in half a year quarter we achieved 70% outstanding end results, thanks to GEL core team keep working with this positivity for making RealitIQ XR a world-class startup brand.

Sridhar Nayak MD/CEO

Once the GEL team had a good understanding of AR and web development, they began to merge their core strengths with AR to develop RealitiQ XR.

RealitiQ XR is now a successful SaaS platform that is helping businesses to create and deploy AR experiences. GEL is using RealitiQ XR to help their own clients, and they are also partnering with other businesses to offer RealitiQ XR to their customers.

Detailed Case Study

RealitiQ XR is a SaaS-based augmented reality (AR) platform developed by GEL. The goal of RealitiQ XR is to provide businesses with a way to easily create and deploy AR experiences.

However, developing RealitiQ XR was a challenge for the GEL team. They had no prior experience with AI or AR, and they needed to learn new skills quickly.

The GEL team spent the first few months learning about AR and web development. They also hired
Blender and Unity experts to help them develop 3D models and AR experiences.

Specifically, here are some of the benefits that GEL has achieved as a result of developing RealitiQ XR:

  • New revenue stream: RealitiQ XR is a new revenue stream for GEL. GEL is selling RealitiQ XR as a SaaS platform, and they are also generating revenue from partnerships with other businesses.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: RealitiQ XR is helping GEL to improve customer satisfaction. GEL’s clients are able to use RealitiQ XR to create and deploy AR experiences that engage and inform their customers.
  • Competitive advantage: RealitiQ XR gives GEL a competitive advantage in the market. GEL is one of the few companies that offers a SaaS-based AR platform.


The GEL team is proud of what they have achieved with RealitiQ XR. They have overcome a number of challenges to develop a successful AR platform. GEL is committed to continuing to develop and improve RealitiQ XR, and they are excited to see how their clients use it to create innovative AR experiences.