Marvin XR

Marvin XR bringing that dream into reality with Web Augmented Reality. Its WebAR
product helping AR sales and Marketing of various domain and brands.


Augmented Reality


When Marvin XR approached GEL to help them in assisting devops automation it was quite new for our team , how ever we have taken this challenge positively and assisting Marvin XR now a days with our cognitive CI/CD and Docker automation complex 3D host. As 3D hosting was a biggest challenging fields we are constantly upskilling to overcome this challenge.


We GEL team started this DevOps stuff with immense caution , we initiated multiple node JS plugins for docker run and host 3D models with easy CI/CD pipeline approach.


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Excellent team with outstanding end result, alert, easy to work and supportive that’s what sums GEL team and management.

Swapratim Roy Co-founder,Marvin XR

The GEL team is committed to helping Marvin XR achieve their DevOps automation goals. They are working closely with Marvin XR to understand their specific needs and to develop solutions that meet those needs. The GEL team is also providing Marvin XR with ongoing support and maintenance for their DevOps automation system.
As a result of GEL’s efforts, Marvin XR is now able to automate their DevOps processes, which has saved them time and money. It has also allowed them to scale their business more easily.

Detailed Case Study

Marvin XR is a company that develops and provides 3D hosting solutions. When Marvin XR approached GEL to help them with DevOps automation, it was a new challenge for the GEL team.
However, the GEL team took on the challenge with enthusiasm, and they are now assisting Marvin XR with their cognitive CI/CD and Docker automation for complex 3D hosts.
3D hosting is a challenging field, but the GEL team is constantly upskilling to overcome the challenge. They have started by developing multiple Node.js plugins for Docker run and hosting 3D models with an easy CI/CD pipeline approach.

Specifically, here are some of the benefits that Marvin XR has achieved as a result of GEL's DevOps automation assistance:

  • Reduced time and costs: DevOps automation has helped Marvin XR to reduce the time and costs associated with their DevOps processes. This has freed up their team to focus on other important tasks, such as developing new features and functionality for their 3D hosting platform.
  • Increased scalability: DevOps automation has also helped Marvin XR to increase the scalability of their business. They can now easily add new capacity and features to their 3D hosting platform without having to worry about manually provisioning and configuring infrastructure.
  • Improved quality and reliability: DevOps automation has also helped Marvin XR to improve the quality and reliability of their 3D hosting platform. By automating their DevOps processes, they have been able to reduce the risk of human error and to ensure that their platform is always available and performing at its best.


The GEL team is proud to be partnering with Marvin XR to help them achieve their DevOps automation goals. They are committed to providing Marvin XR with the support and expertise they need to succeed.