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Starlly is a team of passionate and dedicated professionals who strive to provide
top-notch technology solutions to various clients


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Starlly was connected with GEL during covid-19 pandemic time, it was really a challenging phase for early stage startups and we GEL supported Starlly’s internationals clients from Singapore, Malaysia full time basis.


We provided our inhouse full time developers as full time contract basis and delivered the end results in time frame with consistently. We delivered modern react native modules for advanced coding framework in cloud infrastructure.


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Based on couple of project engagements we had over last year,GEL for me was The persona of the leader who is the flag bearer reflects upon the smaller firms like ours(Starlly,GEL…). So they have been straightforward, seemed genuinely interested in building and nurturing partnerships beyond immediate business on hand. I didn’t have any real hardship during our active project association. This reflects upon the culture we grew with and the values we hone. So keep up the values and positivity, rest will definitely fall in line. Wishing you the best!

SUDHAKAR SUGA CEO,Starlly Solutions

The GEL team was able to deliver the end results on time and within budget, despite the challenges of the pandemic. GEL’s support helped Starlly to continue to serve its international clients during a difficult time.

Detailed Case Study

Starlly is a startup that provides cloud-based solutions for businesses. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Starlly reached out to GEL for help in supporting their international clients in Singapore and Malaysia.
GEL provided Starlly with a team of full-time developers who worked on a contract basis. The GEL team delivered modern React Native modules for an advanced coding framework in a cloud infrastructure.

Specifically, here are some of the benefits that Starlly achieved as a result of GEL's support:

  • Continued service to international clients: GEL’s support helped Starlly to continue to serve its international clients in Singapore and Malaysia during the COVID-19 pandemic. This was important for Starlly’s business, as it allowed them to maintain their customer relationships and generate revenue.
  • Reduced costs: GEL was able to provide Starlly with a team of experienced developers at a competitive rate. This helped Starlly to reduce its costs during a time when many businesses were struggling financially.
  • Improved efficiency: GEL’s team of developers was able to work efficiently and deliver the end results on time and within budget. This helped Starlly to avoid delays and ensure that its projects were completed successfully


The GEL team is proud of the work they did for Starlly. They are committed to helping startups and businesses of all sizes to succeed.